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A Mother's Guide to Clean-Living in a Dirty Universe

(for other worlds' maternal types only)

A Weird Life (Introduction)

a reluctantly-started auto-bio that'll never be finished, if I have my way

A Weird Life (Part I)

Maiden: Born Old

A Weird Life (Part II)

Mother: 7... The Hard Way!

A Weird Life (Part III)

Crone: Alone in the World?

About Maia

by Rolando Sifuentes of Lima, Peru


making a case for ending this world we've made

Fifth World

cautionary post-apocalyptic novel-in-progress

In Whose Name?

essays and poetry on god and other myths


the first agricultural community... begun & run by women, circa 12,500 bce

Naked Apes & Their Designer Duds

a race of emperors struttin' around with it all hangin' out

On the Path to Matera

Remembering the Mother Source: Regaining Women's Powers

Only Women Can Save the World

...that is, if they wanted to bother

The Erudite Human's Glossary of Oxymorons, Redundant Double-Talk, et al.

by our words they shall know us

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